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Jacek Majewski - Kulmbach, Germany

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Jacek Majewski - GuitarHallo,

I am from germany writing to ask for a dvd of your show.
your playing and music is great, I cannot belive the melanconic and melodic playing with such feeling and technic.
in three words, you are great!!!

can you please send me information how you can send the dvd to germany payment? By cash in advance or can I pay by cash if the dvd arrive? How much is the price? is it just the dvd or althoughe a audio cd include? (looking forward to your reply).
(and sorry for this bad written eng.)

hope to see you anywere anytime playing live - this would be so great.
thank you for playing this heartbreak music.
A big you tube fan of your videos,



Tim Wilson - USA

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Tim G. Wilson - Drums

Alexandre's guitar work combines musical taste, energy, technical mastery and innovation, with breathtaking harmonic and rhythmic nuance and complexity. At times his performance is redolent of the smoldering soul of Seville, drawing deep on traditions; then suddenly a flurry as he departs. Pushing a theme towards a new aesthetic, always daring. Alexandre's journey is a blast, so jump on board, you won't be disappointed." -Tim Wilson, Percussionist.

Michael D.- USA

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais - GuitarI was browsing music and came across you playing "overture"....Very nice...I have a question you probably often get asked. How does someone go about learning how to play so well? I havent got alot of money for some private guitar lessons or anything by some famous composer, but how did you go about it? I am 21 so im kinda starting late..I have a little knowledge of the guitar but its Minimal.. Some People say guitar tabs.... It is a passion of Mine and I want to approach it correctly...How do you suggest doing so?

And I wanted to tell you once more that I became a fan in 20 secs of listenin to your music! I know it probably isnt your thing, But you think You may ever compose any Celtic style music in with that??

Mike D.


Park Chan-Young - Seoul - South Corea

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHello, therrien. My name is Park Chan-Young from South Corea.

To begin with, Sorry for I don't speak good english.
So, I can't help talking to you very simply.

I listened to your music(Sevile, Maghreb, Overture) for the first time in You Tube and I was so impressed.
Well, I was recording your You Tube video and listen to it every day. It's all true.

I want to buy your CD Overture.
But it's very hard in Corea.
However, I try to buy your CD! By all means...Got it?

It's very difficult to write E-mail on english. But I made an effort. Because I have hoped talk to you.
I hope see you in Korea. Well, I must say good-bye now.
I hope everything goes well.
Good luck to you.

Park Chan-Young - Seoul - South Corea


Sotiris - Athen - GREECE

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Cours de guitare électrique QuébecI'm usually on U-tube searching for Flamenco and I stumbled accross this guy 2 days ago.  I bought the CD the very same night.

It's been a few years since I've watched a guitarist and been genuinely moved.  I truly believe that Alexandre plays some of the best solo guitar songs on the planet.

My background...I was born an raised in Dubai to a Greek father and a British mother.  Studied there untill I was 18 then left to serve in the Greek army in my gap year (2006) before uni.  Now I study in Cardiff's Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where I hope to graduate as a sound designer.  I've player guitar for about 8 years now and tried to play Flamenco for about 3.  Need a proper teacher!  Flamenco can't be learned from books!  Any ideas within Cardiff?

Sotiris - Athen - GREECE


KYOKO - Japan

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais

Cours de guitare électrique QuébecDear Alexandre;

How do you do?
I visited your profile just now, and was attracted by our impressive world. Your tunes are really magical. I love 'Postlude' the most! Actually it became my first music to which I listened this brand-new week. So, you've made my days bright ahead.
Being a writer/editorial designer, music and art are
essential to motivate my inspiration in finding/
expressing proper words or lines.
Let me invite you as my friend here after sending this
note -- I would be happy if we could keep in touch
Again, thanks for coming in my life.
You, too, have a delightful & creative week!

With best wishes,
Sincerely Kyoko

[P.S.] I like your studio shot as well. You're a guitarist,
but often compose with playing the piano, right?
(My friend 'snowrock', who is a fantastic musician, does
the same thing!) And I also am a piano player!

Barbara Rangel - Miami - USA

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHi Alex,
I live in Miami, Florida I am a flamenco dancer....and  I was searching for flamenco music... and suddencly I clicked on you (in youtube) and heard you play so beautifully... your music inspired me so much that I got up from my chair and started dancing last night at 11:00 then I could not fall asleep because I was so hiper.  Anyway, loved your style... you are amazing and very talented!  I send you a big  applause from Miami.
Let me know the price on the combo that you mentioned.

Barbara Rangel - Miami - USA

Doug Flaherty- USA

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais

Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHi Alexandre,

I just wanted to write a quick message. Your music and ability is amazing! You can rarely find a song you can listen to over and over "Seville" and not get sick of it and love it everytime!

Just wondering also, do you tab those songs and are they available.

The Seville song is something I want to strive for in the long term...


Doug Flaherty - USA


Luke Ramsey - Tennessee - USA

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais

Cours de guitare électrique QuébecThanks so much!  your music is incredible.  Flamenco is so much of an underappreciated art and seeing someone fuse it with other incredible styles really makes me extremely happy.

Luke Ramsey - Tennessee - USA


Patrick - Netherland

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHi Alexandre,

I have to say that I really love the song Seville and way you play it on the video. There's so much feeling in it. Awesome skill! You are not only technically great, but also have a feeling for the music. There's so many guitarists that lack this...

On Youtube, I found your video when I searched for Flamenco guitar videos.

I am also playing guitar, but way not as good as you... thanks for your music!

Patrick - Netherland


Jarek - Poland

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Jacek Poland - Quebecguitare.comHi Alexandre!!!

In first words big apologies 4 my english;) Not very often using this language.. But when i happen to hear Your music i`ve decided 2 send You best regards;) Is it really possible 2 play like this???:o I`m glued to my chair of great sensations..;) I would like to ask if there is any possibility 2 buy Your music on CD if i live in Poland..
Best regards once again, good luck
Jarek - Poland

Terry Gouldson - England

References - Critiques et Revues - Anglais
Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHi Alexandre,
just seen you on you tube and was blown away by your talent and compositions. Can you please tell me how I can buy a copy of  Overture, and can you please tell me what guitar make you play.
I am based in the United Kingdom, my sincere thanks for your time.
PS Can you plese tell me if you will be touring in the North West of England this year, would love to see your concert.
Best Wishes.

Hi Alexandre,
many thanks for the signed cd its a brilliant collection of music !!!, , would love to buy your dvd once available, can I please ask what guitar you use the combination of your skills and the guitar is fabulous.

Once again many congratulations on a superb cd.
Best Wishes,

Terry Gouldson - England

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