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Park Chan-Young - Seoul - South Corea

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Cours de guitare électrique QuébecHello, therrien. My name is Park Chan-Young from South Corea.

To begin with, Sorry for I don't speak good english.
So, I can't help talking to you very simply.

I listened to your music(Sevile, Maghreb, Overture) for the first time in You Tube and I was so impressed.
Well, I was recording your You Tube video and listen to it every day. It's all true.

I want to buy your CD Overture.
But it's very hard in Corea.
However, I try to buy your CD! By all means...Got it?

It's very difficult to write E-mail on english. But I made an effort. Because I have hoped talk to you.
I hope see you in Korea. Well, I must say good-bye now.
I hope everything goes well.
Good luck to you.

Park Chan-Young - Seoul - South Corea

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