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Beginner Private Guitar Lessons Montreal - Daniel Marchand

Service - Private Guitar Teacher Montreal

Beginner Private Guitar Lessons Montreal - Daniel Marchand


aniel is a guitar teacher that specializes in beginner students. He has offered guitar lessons for over 15 years in styles including folk, blues, jazz and gypsy. If you want to learn music pieces, improvising solos, play music or compose pieces, Daniel will share his passion and expertise so that you can realize your projects. He teaches music theory introductions and guitar techniques specific to each style. For him, learning music should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for every students. His teaching adapts to the student's goals and values learning in a relaxed atmosphere. He tries to motivate the student to develop a balance between technical development and music repertoire. He is an accomplished guitarist who has much to offer any student wishing to learn the guitar.

Specialist for Beginners

Folk - Blues - Gypsy / Beginners

Lessons given at his home studio

Unique Online Follow-up with Qué


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Beginner Private Guitar Lessons Montreal - Daniel MarchandDaniel started learning the guitar and folk rock at the age of 12 years. He studied classical guitar with Jacques Bergeron. Wanting to explore new musical horizons, he started learning jazz. Wishing to deepen his improvisational skills, he studied with the best teachers of Montreal. He participated in several workshops, private workshops and courses with different professional musicians.
Alongside his academic career, he played in various musical projects. These experiences within these various groups have allowed him to play on stages such as the International Jazz Festival of Montreal. Versatile guitarist, Daniel is a musician who made his career in various musical fields as a soloist and accompanist. The scene has an important place in his life, like the teaching!



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