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Guthrie Govan (born December 27, 1971 in Chelmsford, Essex, England) is a guitarist known for his work with the bands Asia (2001-2006), GPS, The Young Punx and The Fellowship as well as Erotic Cakes (a vehicle for his own music). He is a noted guitar teacher through his work with the U.K. magazine Guitar Techniques, Guildford’s Academy of Contemporary Music and currently the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. He is also a former winner of Guitarist Magazine's "Guitarist of the Year" competition.


From Myspace:

Here are some very kind words from some wonderful players and industry people who seem to like the Erotic Cakes album...

Paul Cornford:
Having many times being called the finest guitar player to have graced the planet, Guthrie Govan is set to turn the guitar playing world on its head.
'Erotic Cakes' is a listening and inspirational jewel. Guthrie's exquisite playing will undoubtedly become the bench mark for Guitar. Equally Seth Govan and Pete Riley have raised the bar with their Bass and drum virtuosity. The performances here are truly amazing. The one thing that will separate this recording from the mainstream is the musicality of the song writing and the production.

Joe Satriani:
Totally freakin awesome!!! this CD put a grin on my face a mile wide.

Richie Kotzen:
Guthrie Govan can do anything he wants as a guitarist. He has total command over the instrument; I love to watch Guthrie live as he always plays something new that the rest of us would never have thought of. He is truly a gifted musician and I am honored to be a part of Guthrie's 1st album.
(Guest solo from Richie on "Ner Ner")

Greg Howe:
Guthrie is a brilliant guitarist whose super high level of proficiency does not seem to be limited to any one particular genre or style

Dweezil Zappa:
Every time I hear Guthrie play I feel like I have to fasten my seatbelt. He is an alien. His technique and execution is staggering. Ultimately what is most impressive about him is his musicality. He has total freedom on guitar... BASTARD!

Rob Balducci:
Guthrie is the most versatile guitarist/musician I have ever heard. His music reaches new heights and he can be one scary technical monster or be the sweetest thing you tasted.

Bumblefoot, a.k.a. Ron Thal:
I've known Guthrie since the days before email, when we'd write each other trading riffs. In the past years, we'd have long jams at NAMM conventions in California, and gigged together in the UK. And for all these years, I, and the rest of the world-wide guitar community have harassed him incessantly to please please release a full-length CD. Well, he's done it, and it's inspiring and mind-blowing and beautiful, as expected. Guthrie is the most-talented guitarist I've ever known,a great friend, and I'm honored to havecontributed to his album. Thank you Guthrie, for the wonderful music and all you are.
(Guest solo from Ron on "Rhode Island Shred")

Doug Aldrich:
I just recieved Guthie's new record Erotic Cakes and I am floored! Its been a long time since I heard playing and a record that cool. Amazing songs and sick playing from the whole band on every track. The song Waves is on my daily playlist now. Its one of those melodies that you wont forget and you will crave to hear again and again. I had the pleasure to meet Guthrie on tour in '05 and aside from being one of the most gifted players I have heard, he is just a top guy. Nice one Guthrie!....Thank you bro!

Steve Stevens:
"Steve Stevens salutes you." For a whole new generation of geetar players...Guthrie's got the ball and he's off and running with that sucker!

Guitar Techniques Magazine:
"Totally freakin’ awesome.” says Joe Satriani. “This album put a smile on my face a mile wide!” GG’s debut has been around ten years in the making and is one of the most eagerly awaited debut releases. So was it worth the wait? Here’s what Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich says: “I’m floored! Amazing songs and sick playing from the whole band! Waves is on my daily playlist!” And it’s true, from the moment that first track nudges the speakers into action you know the boy has exceeded even our greatest expectations. Weep at Eric, his tribute to Eric Roche, grin at his million-miles-an-hour country fest Rhode Island Shred and simply marvel at the magic of Fives and Ner Ner. Guthrie has produced a textbook CD for everyone interested in weapons grade rock guitar playing. As guest soloist Ritchie Kotzen puts it, “Guthrie is a truly gifted musician and I am honoured to be a part of his first album.” We have just one thing to say - go and buy it!

Reb Beach:
The 'Erotic Cakes' CD is excellent. It doesn't get much better than that, does it? I stopped trying to improve years ago because of people like him. I love his melodies, which is rare for me when I hear other guitarists: so effortless. He is the most well rounded yet stunning guitarist I've ever heard.

Lyle Workman:
Guthrie is an unbelievable guitarist, especially in light of his depth as a musician who is clearly inspired by various genres, harmony and rhythm extending far beyond technique-driven guitar music. The man is cooking with a lot of ingredients. He is supremely gifted and simply astounding. Once again, I have been reduced to guitar OWNER.

Neville Marten:
Guthrie Govan is not just a brilliant guitarist; he's a fabulous musician who can boast - although that's something he would never do - flawless technique, perfect timing and an ear for a tune that few players can match. At one moment Erotic Cakes has you gaping in wonder, the next laughing with its obvious humour and then welling up as he plays the perfect note over the perfect chord. It's been a long time since a guitar album this good has seen the light of day.

Brett Garsed:
An amazing debut! I can't wait to see where Guthrie will go with future projects as I'm sure it'll be a great and unpredictable ride!

Richard Fortus:
Guthrie is one of the finest players out today. His record encapsulates all of the elements that make a truly great guitar album. His outstanding technique, unique voice and passion come through in every song. I'm sure this is just the beginning for this amazingly talented player!


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