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Kaki King

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Kaki KingKaki King est le nom d'artiste de la guitariste américaine Katherine Elizabeth King née le 24 août 1979 à Marietta en Géorgie. Elle est reconnue pour son style de tapping à deux mains à   la guitare, rappelant le style de Preston Reed, bien que ses compositions ne se limitent pas qu'à ce style. Kaki King a composé quatre albums dans lesquels sa voix , son écriture et sa prodige en « tapping » mis en avant. :

(2003) Everybody Loves You
(2004) Legs to Make Us Longer
(2006) ...Until We Felt Red
(2008) Dreaming of Revenge
(2008) Black Pear Tree EP  (With The Mountain Goats)
(2009) Mexican Teenagers EP
(2010) Junior

Elle a entre autre été élue Guitar God par le magazine Rolling Stone et a participé à la réalisation de la BO de Into the wild.

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Kaki King (born August 24, 1979 as Katherine Elizabeth King) is an American guitar player and singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.
As a child, her father encouraged her to be involved in music, and although she was first introduced to the guitar at a young age, the drums were her first serious instrument. King played in bands in high school with classmate Morgan Jahnig, upright bassist of Old Crow Medicine Show. Upon graduating from The Westminster Schools in Atlanta in 1998, the two friends made their way to New York University. During her time there, King adopted the guitar again after years of neglect, and the 5'1" musician played a few occasional gigs, and busked in the New York subways.
King's two earlier recordings Everybody Loves You (with Velour Records) in 2003 and Legs to Make Us Longer (with Sony Records) in 2004 featured more acoustic compositions, but her 2005 tours saw more use of electric guitars and loops. During some shows, she made it known that she had parted ways with major label Sony. For her third album ...Until We Felt Red, King made a conscious decision to depart from her previous musical direction, out of a desire to escape being pigeonholed as a solo instrumental artist. The album features King's vocals on more tracks than previous albums. With the prominence of electric guitar on the new record and the addition of a full band, the popular music website AV Club called the sound a “post-rock makeover”. Featuring production work by Tortoise's John McEntire, the album was released on August 8, 2006 on Velour Records.
King is a featured artist for Adamas and Ovation guitars. Adamas guitars' composite tops are well suited for her tap-style playing, as King herself noted on the DVD "Unique Voices - 40 Years of Ovation Guitars". The soundholes on her Adamas guitar are adorned with a cloudlike pattern inlay that King designed herself.
King's style combines fret-tapping with slap bass techniques, using the guitar for percussional beats, as well as sound layering and looping, which creates a percussive and complex sound. Her playing style evokes Michael Hedges and Preston Reed, the latter of whom she explicitly cites as an influence. Although she shares both similar playing techniques and a last name with guitarist Justin King, the two are not related.


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